Captain patch by ahhhnature-d4uh558
Captain Jasper "Patch" Hook - is the older brother of James Hook who murdered Jasper Hook years ago when Jasper wouldn't give James a bigger share.


When Peter, John, and Slightly remove an emerald from a treasure chest, it ended up summoning Captain Patch's ghost who then summoned his ghost ship called the Rake in order to take revenge on his brother. Nothing that Captain Hook's crew shot at the Rake could sink it due to the fact that the Rake is a ghost ship. When Peter Pan, John, and Slightly fire the treasure towards the Rake, it was enough to banish Captain Patch and the Rake back to the spirit world. Jasper later appeared in "Hook's Christmas" where the Ghost of Christmas Past shows Captain Hook his past when he used to work with his brother until the incident that led up to Jasper's death. His spirit later appeared as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.